Herons Glen Golf & Country Club
North Fort Myers
Television Operation in the Fitness Center
  • Five flat screen TVs are mounted in the Fitness Center.
  • All TVs have been muted.  You will not be able to control the volume of the TVs on the TV itself.
  • Closed Captions are shown on each screen.
  • In order to hear the TVs you will need to have an FM radio with an earplug or headset.
  • Each TV has been programmed to a radio frequency which is posted on the lower corner of the TV.
  • On your personal FM radio, tune to the posted radio station frequency.
  • The TV remote controls are located on the table in the reception area.  You can use these remotes to change channels.  They do not change the posted frequencies.
  • To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all, please be courteous and respectful to others before changing channels.
  • Report any TV that is not functioning properly.  Write a note describing the problem and place it into the "Comment Box" found in the reception area.
  • Your cooperation in turning off the TVs and returning the remotes to their holder is appreciated.