Herons Glen Golf & Country Club
North Fort Myers
The Herons Glen Fitness center contains state-of-the-art equipment.  Whether you're working out for the first time or you've been a member of fitness centers for years, whether you're trying to stay in great shape or rehabilitating injuries.....Herons Glen Fitness Center will meet your needs.

The main purpose of this web site is to educate residents on the equipment. This website will provide you with information on each piece of equipment in the fitness center.  The questions: "How do I use it?" and the more thoughtful question, "How will it benefit me?" will be answered right here.

Lets get started. Below is a layout of the fitness center. Click on one of the 4 rooms to find out more about the equipment

Overhead View of Fitness Center
Cardio_Room Cardio_Room Strength_Room Weight_Area Stretch_Area
Cardio Room
Cardiovascular fitness can be defined simply as your body's ability to get oxygen and blood to the muscles.  The main purpose of the equipment in the cardio room is to improve your cardiovascular fitness in general.

Cardiovascular training, no matter what the exercise, is categorized based on duration and intensity. When you are choosing which type of cardio to do, keep your goals in mind.
  • If your goal is to improve your general cardiovascular fitness, do moderate intensity work where you are starting to breathe deeply and you can feel that you are working.
  • If your goal is fat loss but you're in poor shape, do low intensity, long duration work such as walking.
  • If you want fat loss and you're in reasonably good cardiovascular shape, do the type that burns the most calories, i.e. high-intensity training
Now, to find out about the equipment in the cardio room, click on any of the machines in the layout of the room below:
Cardio Room
Treadmill Treadmill Treadmill Precor Eliptical Precor Eliptical Cybex Arc Trainer Concept II Rower Life Cycle Recumbent Bike True Recumbent Bike Lifecycle Upright Bike True Upright Bike True Recumbent Bike SciFit Seated Eliptical Scifit Pro 2 Rec Sport Bike Schwinn Airdyne Bike Life Fitness Stepper
Strength Room
Most of us know that strength training is important, but that doesn't make it any easier to do it. Strength training can help you look better and feel better. Here are some reasons why you should lift weights and get motivated to start strength training today.

It helps you lose fat
When you lift weights, you build lean muscle tissue which is more metabolically active than fat. When you increase your muscle, you also increase metabolism which means you're burning more calories throughout the day. Regular strength training is just as important as cardio exercise for losing fat and getting fit.

It makes you strong
It may seem obvious that lifting weights can make you stronger...but what some people forget is that it doesn't just make you strong for your workouts, it makes you stronger in other areas of your life as well. When you lift weights on a regular basis, everything else becomes a little easier too - carrying groceries, housework, gardening, carrying the kids, etc. And, don't forget, it doesn't just make your muscles stronger, it makes your bones stronger too which can help reduce or even manage osteoporosis.

It reduces your risk of injury
The nice thing about strength training is that it strengthens everything, not just your muscles and bones. When you lift weights, you also strengthen connective tissue - the ligaments and tendons that keep your body moving well on a regular basis. Strengthening your connective tissue will help you continue to operate in peak condition and protect your body from injuries.

It can reduce arthritis pain
Recent studies have shown that arthritis sufferers who lifted weights actually reduced their joint pain. By strengthening the muscles, they were able to cushion and protect the joints during impact activities like walking. And don't forget...most physical therapy programs incorporate strength training to help rehab a multitude of injuries, which just proves that lifting weights can make a difference in getting better and having a better quality of life.

It increases balance, stability and flexibility
When we don't preserve muscle mass with strength training, what happens when we grow older? We lose muscle mass and that's often what leads to weight gain and loss of balance and flexibility. Lifting weights can help you work your joints through a full range of motion, keeping them strong and flexible and keeping you steady on your feet.

It makes you feel better about yourself
According to some studies, both men and women feel better about themselves when they lift weights. By getting stronger and noticing changes over time like being able to lift more weight and do more exercises, both men and women build confidence and, especially for women, improve body image. Lifting weights, along with other types of exercise, also helps build confidence and can even help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety...a great way to deal with stress in a healthy way.

It can help lower blood pressure
Some studies have shown that regular strength training can help reduce high blood pressure over time, so this may become another way (aside from cardio exercise) to help treat high blood pressure in some people. If you do have high blood pressure, I don't have to remind you that you should always talk to the doc before doing any new activities (but I am anyway). But, if you get the okay, consider starting a basic program along with other recommendations from your doc for helping reduce your blood pressure.

Now, to find out about the equipment in the strength room, click on any of the machines in the layout of the room below:
Strength Room
Hoist Lat Pulldown Cybex Chest Press Cybex Back Extension Cybex Arm Curl Hoist Ab Crunch Cybex VR3 Shoulder press Hoist Inner/Outer Thich Cybex Leg Extension Cybex Leg Press Cybex Leg Curl Cybec Functional Trainer
Stretching Room
The main purpose of the equipment in the stretching room is to increase flexibility. Flexibility, which is defined as a joint’s ability to move freely in every direction through a full range of motion, is one of the key components of fitness. As we age, our bodies naturally become less flexible and more prone to injury. With flexibility training, however, we can keep our bodies more limber and youthful. These are reasons why everyone should stretch.

Prepare the body for the stress of exercise.
Stretching prior to any type of exercise helps warm the muscles and gets them ready for the more intense exercise that follows.

Improve mechanical efficiency and overall functional perfor-mance
Well-stretched muscle moves through a full range of motion with less effort. Therefore, stretching prior to physical activity will help you conserve energy and thereby improve performance.

Decrease muscle stiffness and increase range of motion
Because our muscles get cold and tight from hours of sitting or standing, periodic stretching will keep the blood flowing and allow the muscles to move through a full range of motion.

Lower your risk of injury
A muscle is more flexible when it is warm and stretched, and it is less likely to tear or overstretch from an abrupt movement.

Promote circulation
Stretching increases the blood supply to the muscles and joints, which keeps the muscles supple and healthy.

Help relieve post-exercise aches and pains
After a workout, stretching your muscles will keep them from immediately shortening and tightening as they cool down.

Improve posture;
Do you find your shoulders rolling toward the desk by the end of the day? Stretching your back and shoulders will help keep you from slouching and keep your shoulders back for better posture.

Decrease the risk of low back pain;
Maintaining good posture and stretching your hip flexors and hamstrings will help keep the strain off your lower back.

Help reduce or manage stress;
Tight muscles hold stress. Taking the time to focus on relaxing each muscle as you stretch will reduce the feelings of anxiety.

Reduce muscular tension and enhance muscular relaxation;
Not only is the act of stretching soothing, it will cause your body to continue relaxing even after you are finished.

Now, to find out about the equipment in the stretching room, click on any of the equipment in the layout of the room below:
Stretching Room
Precor Stretch Partner True Stretch Cage Cybex Ab Crunch Hoist Fitness Tree Stretch-Out Straps Bosu Ballast Balls Resistance Tube Bands
Weight Area
The main purpose of the equipment in the free weight area is to build muscle. In fact, you can work all muscle groups using just dumbbells. They offer an increased range of motion and plenty of overload to the muscles. You can use dumbbells very effectively to build muscle on the chest, neck, arms and back.

You can do flat, incline, and decline presses, as well as flyes. Dumbbells offer an increased range of motion over a barbell or a machine.

The only careful consideration to make when using dumbbells to build the chest muscles is, the increased range of motion that dumbbells can offer can also lead to overstretching or tears of the muscle. If you're doing the dumbbell flyes on the bench and you lower the weight and stretch out too far, you could pull one of you pec muscles. So it's important to go slow and be aware of the range of motion you're using.

Dumbells are great for building shoulder muscles as well. Seated shoulder presses with dumbbells are very effective, as are side lateral raises. Trap work can be done with dumbbell shrugs.

Finally, you can use dumbbells to build biceps muscles, triceps, and the forearm muscles. Standing alternate dumbbell curls are a great bicep builder and really help to bring out the bicep peak. Tricep kickbacks and 1-arm tricep extensions are helpful when building the triceps muscles. Dumbbell hammer curls really work the forearms intensely.

When using dumbbells to build muscle, start light and get the feel for the increased range of motion they allow you to use. Slowly build up the amount of weight you lift, over time.

Now, to find out about the equipment in the free weight area of the fitness center, click on any of the equipment in the layout of the room below:
Weight Area
Benches Hoist Ab Bench Flat-Incline Bench Dumbells