Herons Glen Golf & Country Club
North Fort Myers
Want to learn how to use the equipment in the fitness center? Classes are offered periodically. Check the main desk in the center for details.  Signup is required
The Herons Glen Fitness center contains some of the finest equipment around. Instructions for using the various machines can be found attached to each or by going to the equipment page on this site and looking for the appropriate apparatus.
All residents of Herons Glen and their guests may use the fitness center.  You are asked to abide by rules of conduct and you must sign in with your name and lot number on every visit.  The sign-in sheets are located just inside the entrance doors and it is imperative that you sign in on every visit.  The sign-in sheets provide an accurate count of daily and hourly usage .  It also acts as a HGRD Release form.
The newly paved parking lot provides ample space for carts, cars, and bicycles.  The bike rack is located in the back of the fitness center.
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Hours of Operation
  The Fitness center is open from 5AM to       10PM daily
  It is closed for cleaning every       Wednesday from 12 noon until 2PM
  The doors are on a timer
  If you are in the center after 10PM,       the doors will lock, but you will still be       able to exit the facility
  Be sure to close the doors securely       when exiting
  Residents are asked to only use the       front doors facing Avenida Del Vera
Disclaimer:  This website is intended to familiarize those using the Herons Glen Fitness Center with the facility and its cardio, strength, and stretching equipment. The website also offers an opportunity to interact with other registered members of the website and to share fitness and health concerns, seek and/or give advice. Please note that the website is offering information on the use of equipment and exercise, however, anyone using this site or the Fitness Center should first be evaluated by a physician, gain medical clearance to be assured that participating in stressful physical activity is in his or her best interest. This website gives general health information, but the reader is responsible for any liabilities arising out of the use of information obtained on this site.